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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Buddha Park History


           Gaja Vallivari Cheruvu is one of the ancient ponds in the history of Helapuri town (ancient name of Eluru town). During the Chalukyan period elephants used to take drink water in this pond. Since the last 2 decades the entire area of the pond was filled with rubbish and it was used as a dumping yard in the heart of Eluru town, which created the most un-hygienic conditions for the citizens.    
           The idea came to restore the past glory of the Chalukyan pond and efforts were made to clean the whole dumping area. Once that was done, then came the idea to erect a Buddha statue which then developed in to a Buddha Park.
            I have been inspired by Buddha’s teachings since the last three decades and have been practising “Vipassana” meditation the Buddhist way of meditation since many years.
           The essence of Buddha’s teachings is “compassion for all”.  A magnificent 74 feet Buddha statue was constructed in the middle of the pond and a painting gallery was also created to spread the Buddha’s teachings. The pedestal is decorated with famous Amaravathi sculptures along the railings of the foot bridge up to the statue……..Dr. G. Vani Mohan, I.A.S.,


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